Discover how TAC is re-defining Strategic Business Development!

In today’s value-driven and ultra-competitive marketplace, combining a winning edge with a consistently high-level of delivery has never been more challenging for businesses. In addition, the commercial world has evolved enormously in recent years and whether you trade locally or internationally, the way in which you need to view, manage and operate your organisation is no longer the same.

True Advantage Consulting offers a unique model of strategic business support that turns traditional consulting on its head. With over 70 years of international experience, TAC is a catalyst for change. We will re-define your vision of what is possible for your organisation, guiding you to extraordinary results by consolidating best traditional business practices with tomorrow’s state-of-the-art digital strategies. Greater market share, improved performance and reduced operating costs… TAC offers unrivalled business support in a rapidly changing world.

We don’t have clients, we have business partners. At TAC, we view all of our engagements as strategic partnerships. Your business is our business!

Our Strategic Business Support Services

Business Consulting

Business development - business consulting

Every business faces unique and complex challenges. TAC understands those challenges, offering a unique approach to business consulting that will change the way you look at your organisation.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Business development - sales and marketing strategies

With extensive experience of B2B and B2C sales, TAC works with your business to maximise the performance and efficiency of its sales process, delivering optimum ROI and sustainable growth.

Blockchain Advisory Services

Blockchain advisory

Our understanding and experience of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger means that TAC is positioned to provide best advice on how this rising technology could impact on your organisation.

Client Relationship Management

Business development - client relationship management

Managing your clients correctly is critical if your business is to achieve repeat sales. Our experience in account and client relationship management will help you to build trust and increase brand awareness.

Market Studies

Business development - market studies

Need to achieve a successful market entry or product launch? By implementing one of TAC’s customised market analysis studies, you can be sure that your business gets it right first time.

Project Management

Business development - project management

Whatever the value or complexity of your sales projects, our experience and market knowledge will ensure a successful outcome for your business, as well as for your clients and stakeholders.